I am Jacobus Erasmus* (also known by the nicknames Kobus and Kobie), a philosopher, computer scientist and programmer. Having completed a post-doctoral research position, I am a visiting researcher in philosophy. Primarily, however, I am a programmer. I completed my PhD in philosophy in 2016, with the dissertation topic: Towards a more persuasive kalām cosmological argument: Permitting the actual infinite.

My research interests include metaphysics, the philosophy of religion, the kalām cosmological argument, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of time. Apart from my philosophy degrees, I also hold an Honours BSc in Information Technology.

*Note that "Jacobus" is pronounced "Yuh-quib-us", "Kobus" is pronounced "Quib-us", and "Kobie" is pronounced "Quib-ee".

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