A Free Will Poem You’re Determined To Read

A Free Will Poem You’re Determined To Read

Jacobus Erasmus, 28 Sep 2023

I wrote a poem about free will. Now, the odd thing about it, is that if you read it, you were determined to read it; and if you don’t, you were determined not to. Of course, free will exists, and those who claim otherwise are simply pulling our legs for the fun of it; but this poem is magic because it’s the one thing you lack free will in reading.

Free Will

Why do some turn away from God,
While others live very close to God?
Why did some angels leave the light,
While others remained with God to fight?
Because of free will.

Why do we feel so free
And want the trapped to likewise be free?
Why do we sense we have choices
And the ability to determine our voices?
Because of free will.

Why can you and I learn things,
While also being able to refute things?
Why can you and I reason
And discern theological treason?
Because of free will.

And tell me, why can we do what’s wrong,
Or help others stop doing wrong?
And why would God punish some as sinners,
While rewarding others as winners?
Because of free will.