Men are Awesome

Men are Awesome

Jacobus Erasmus, 22 Jan 2024

A letter to boys and men.

If you are a male, either a boy or a man, a person with XY chromosomes, then you ought to accept the following, and inhale it deep into your spirit, and warm yourself with its truth: your masculinity is a blessing to the world, and absolutely necessary for human flourishing, and deserving of mountains of respect, and highly attractive for many women, and a constant stream that soaks your life with purpose.

What do I mean by “masculinity”? I mean the tendency in males to be more competitive, more violent and aggressive, more physically strong, more assertive, and more driven for sex and positions of leader, protector, and provider, than what is commonly found in females. If, with honest eyes and an open mind, you look around at the behaviour of men and women and boys and girls, you will find sufficient evidence that males exhibit this tendency.

Now, of course, masculine traits can be used for good or evil, just as a hammer can be used for good (e.g., building houses) or for evil (e.g., murder). But it would be bizarre and foolish and unintelligent to cry that hammers are toxic, and to start a #hammersAreTrash social media movement, and to manipulate talk about hammers to focus mostly on “toxic hammer-usability” – this is because hammers are not the problem; the wickedness or sin behind the evil use of hammers is the issue. Likewise, there is nothing inherently wrong or bad with masculinity, and talk about “toxic masculinity” and “men being trash” are unhelpful (not to mention also toxic, hateful, and sexist) and so should be avoided.

So, brothers, you should celebrate masculinity per se, especially how masculinity is used for good. Competitiveness helps us improve ourselves and others and what we build, violence and aggression is necessary to protect the innocent (think of a fireman violently kicking down a door to help a woman caught in a fire), physical strength is needed to build certain things, assertiveness is not only attractive but good for a man’s mental health, a strong sex drive keeps the human race going, and an impulse to lead, protect, and provide causes good men to make the world a better place.

Therefore, brothers, thank you for being masculine. I salute you.