New Journal Article on the Beginning of Time

05 December 2020

I am proud to announce that my latest journal article got published today in Prolegomena, volume 19, issue 2. The article is titled 'A philosophical argument for the beginning of time', and you can access the article for free here: or the direct PDF download here:

I co-authored this article with Prof Laureano Luna, a Spanish philosopher. Luna is one of the smartest people I know. It was a privilege to write this article with him. I recommend his other works to anyone interested in philosophy.

In the article, we argue that time, or the sequence of past events, must have a beginning, or first event. First, we offer an informal argument that illustrates a paradox of beginning-less time. Then, second, we present a more formal logical argument to the effect that an ungrounded (or beginning-less) causal chain, such as a past-eternal time, must have a first item.

Take a look and enjoy!